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June 9, 2008

Pritzker Prize Winners Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid and Renzo Piano

The Charlie Rose Show

Gehry-CharlieRose.jpg During a panel discussion among Pritzker Prize Winners, Atlantic Yards designer Frank Gehry reveals why he probably shouldn't be talking to the media about the 16-highrise superblock megaproject.

A short discussion of Atlantic Yards starts around 24:15 on the video broadcast (link):

Despite four generations of renderings and models released to the public, Gehry claimed that "nobody has seen it until a few weeks ago, for the first time."

NoLandGrab: The Charlie Rose Show used drawings from the third-generation design of Atlantic Yards, released in May, 2006. Frank Gehry may recall that he was present at the unveiling.

In a moment of clarity, Gehry admits "It went through a fairly creative, but a legal and business and city-planning process. I think in the end it was going in the right way. It's smaller because we always knew it probably would be smaller."

NLG: "Fairly creative, but... legal," is a "fairly creative, but legal" standard for any city-planning or approval process, but that's what makes Atlantic Yards special.

Atlantic Yards Report, On Charlie Rose, Gehry claims that old AY designs were never legit
Norman Oder posted play-by-play commentary on Frank Gehry's segment on Atlantic Yards and analysis of relevant remarks from the same discussion by Zaha Hadid.

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