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June 19, 2008

Marty says Brooklyn attractive because of more "friendly" residential density

Atlantic Yards Report

In a surreal parallel universe, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz starts making sense and speaks out against "out-of-context" development, describing Brooklyn as "friendly, in terms of density."

[Idea for a slogan: "Brooklyn, we're density-friendly!"]


Interviewed recently for CUNY-TV’s real estate talk show The Stoler Report, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz sounded just a little bit like some Atlantic Yards opponents, as he explained Brooklyn’s attraction as a residential district because it is “more... friendly, in terms of density.”

He of course wasn’t saying that in the context of Atlantic Yards and, indeed, at another juncture (about 27:00 of the show) noted, “In many of our neighborhoods... I bitterly oppose the construction of out-of-context [buildings], but there are areas where it’s appropriate to grow.” There was otherwise little mention of AY, though Markowitz at about 4:00 of the show predicted the arrival of “the Nets arena, Barclays Center, in a few years.”

The show, titled What’s Happening in Downtown Brooklyn (video), was taped March 18 and broadcast for the first time on June 10.

Norman Oder recaps the conversation on his blog.

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