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June 4, 2008

Cops closemouthed about incident at Atlantic Terminal during May 3 rally

Atlantic Yards Report

SgtJones.jpg Norman Oder is stonewalled again by the NYPD, who found no official misconduct when Oder was removed from the May 3rd gathering of counter-protesters at Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Terminal Mall.

Maybe so, but that struck me as a rather narrow response. I reiterated my questions and also asked whether the plaza's role as "publicly-accessible private space" played any role in the incident.

In other words, had it been purely public space, would it have made any difference? Is it the job of police or private security guards to first enforce regulations regarding private space? Were the police acting on behalf of the mall owner and substituting for private security guards?

That issue is important because Forest City Ratner controls other publicly-accessible private space, notably the Commons at MetroTech. And while the developer has pledged that the open space at Atlantic Yards--all to be delivered in Phase 2 of the project, which has no timeline--would be managed by a conservancy or not-for-profit entity, that still raises questions about what would be permitted. Similar questions could be raised about the civic space promised in the Urban Room.


NoLandGrab: The best explanation we've heard about incidents such as that of May 3rd comes from one of Ratner's own employees, who, back in July 2006, informed some petitioners that 'Ratner owned the whole area (this was on the sidewalk along Atlantic Ave) and that he was the "biggest guy around."'

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