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May 30, 2008

Yards foes extend hand to critic of Ratner and DDDB

The Brooklyn Paper, Letters to the Editor

We’re responding to Leon de Augusto from Bushwick whose letter was published earlier this month regarding the fight to stop Atlantic Yards (“This guy faults Bruce Ratner and Atlantic Yards foes,” Letters, May 17).

Leon, we agree with your desire for the broadest coalition possible against the Atlantic Yards proposal and to find common ground on related issues such as housing, open space and city services.

We’d like to invite you, your family and neighbors and all friends to join us in our continued effort to bring together all the communities negatively affected by Forest City Ratner’s past and current plans. Together we can make a difference!

We reach out to you, Leon, and the entire community. The developers and corporations have succeeded for years in dividing us along racial, economic and union or non-union lines. We reject those divisions and urge everyone to join us in our fight to save public housing, provide union living-wage jobs to our youth and community and build real affordable housing.

Claudia Massa, Chris Owens, Beverly Corbin, Mona Fafarman, and Daniel Goldstein

The writers are members of United Neighbors of Brooklyn.

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