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May 4, 2008

Wilpon hopes Citi Field will revive Ebbets memory


There are differing accounts of what actually occurred leading up to the Dodgers' move. Some say O'Malley's first choice was to build a domed stadium in the Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn, which now is the projected site for the NBA Nets. Reports from that time said Moses wanted O'Malley to build on the present site of Shea Stadium. O'Malley, perhaps bent on leaving for Los Angeles, refused, and the chain of events unfolded.

NoLandGrab: Since Atlantic Yards Report did the heavy lifting myth-busting today's Daily News, we'll point out the errors in this sentence from Newsday. 1. Atlantic Yards is not a place now, and it wasn't even a glimmer in Bruce Ratner's eye yet in O'Malley's time. 2. Perhaps the writer means Vanderbilt Yards, over which part of the proposed Atlantic Yards would be built, but unfortunately that would still be incorrect, as O'Malley was eying a parcel across the street.

Posted by amy at May 4, 2008 11:24 AM