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May 12, 2008

What would an interim arena without titanium look like?

Atlantic Yards Report


Current plans for Phase 1 construction of the proposed Atlantic Yards development leaves out the "Urban Room" that was originally designed to connect with the arena, at least until later in the construction. If only the arena and one tower are built for now, what would the arena look like? Norman Oder takes a look.

We can't be sure. But we can be sure that the new renderings, as New York Times architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff recently wrote in another context, produce a "distorted picture of reality."

That's why it's important for Forest City Ratner to produce more accurate renderings, including descriptions of the publicly accessible open space that (its spokesman told the Post) would occupy what the MAS portrays as vacant lots.

Oder also questions whether the new arena design would conform to the Design Guidelines in the General Project Plan.

I asked ESDC spokesman Warner Johnston if the arena, with a truncated amount of glass, would conform to the Design Guidelines. He said it did.

Because my initial email did not cite the precise dimensions of 125 feet and 7500 square feet, I asked for confirmation. I didn't get a response.


And it is notable that the current renderings don't tell us whether the arena would meet the current guidelines, nor when exactly in the development process the current renderings might be realized. So we could have some vacant lots instead.


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