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May 7, 2008

Missing green roof joins list of promises broken; will it impact EIS lawsuit?

AYR-greenroofgone.jpg Atlantic Yards Report

In the list of Atlantic Yards promises broken, the newly-revealed loss of a green roof (3+ acres) on the arena follows 1) the decision to make promised publicly-accessible open space on the arena private and 2) the decision to move the project's flagship tower (then called "Miss Brooklyn"), promised to not block views of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank's clock tower, so it would block such views, even with a reduction in height.

The difference might be that the green roof was relied on significantly in the Empire State Development Corporation's environmental review because it would help with stormwater management and thus help prevent against CSOs (combined sewer overflows).

Does its loss invalidate the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which has been challenged in state court? Unclear. The case was dismissed and is now on appeal, with arguments to be heard in September.

Norman Oder excerpts Matthew Schuerman's report on WNYC and highlights the numerous citations in the Environmental Impact Statement of the mitigating effect of the "green roof" on the adverse impacts of the project.


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