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April 21, 2008

Now he tells us: NYT's Ouroussoff criticizes "distorted reality" of project renderings

Atlantic Yards Report


In an essay in yesterday's New York Times, headlined Now You See It, Now You Don’t, architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff finally took aim at the obvious, pointing out that architectural renderings are part of the marketing scheme for a major development, and that misleading and incomplete renderings produce a "distorted picture of reality" that "stifles what is supposed to be an open, democratic process."

Now he tells us.

Ouroussoff chooses for his example Tishman Speyer's Hudson Yards plan which he acknowledges "represents the norm," no worse and no better than its counterparts. Unmentioned, but implicitly in the same ballpark, is the Frank Gehry rendering of AY that the Times published on the front page 7/5/05, accompanying the article misleadingly headlined Instant Skyline Added to Brooklyn Arena Plan.
Another distorted rendering released in May 2006 (right) showed the Williamsburgh Savings Bank building looming over the flagship Miss Brooklyn tower, even though at that time Miss Brooklyn was 108 feet taller and three times the bulk. As I wrote, when the plans were released, only the New York Observer's Matthew Schuerman pointed out the deceptive renderings.


NoLandGrab: One of the more egregious examples is this familiar Atlantic Yards skyline rendering, which, once again, used perspective to trick the viewer into thinking that the Billyburg building was larger than it really was in relation to Frank Gehry's hedgerow of highrises.

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