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April 16, 2008

Is Frank going Gehrazy?

International starchitect and Atlantic Yards designer Frank Gehry is no longer suffering from the run-of-the-mill diva complex. Recent comments from critics and the master himself make us wonder if he's gone off the deep end.

Gehrazy.gif Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn concludes that Gehry sounds "fed up" in comments made at Yale University. Maybe he's fed up, or could it be paranoia?

“Cities are filled with bad buildings and nobody complains,” he said. “But if I do a building, there’s all sorts of protests.”

Such opposition has presented hurdles for Gehry’s work — including the plan for the massive Atlantic Yards development in Brooklyn that he first presented some five years ago and that has since changed dramatically.

“I’m supposedly doing 20 or 30 buildings in Brooklyn, but at this point I doubt if it’ll ever all happen,” Gehry acknowledged on Friday.

Either Gehry is being blasé, or he's really losing count of how many buildings he's designing for the largest single-source private development project in NYC history. Typically, regular folks try to mask early signs of dementia.

Gehry is clearly in denial, as most narcissists are, in this quote run by New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer:

Have they got things against me?” he asked. “No, it’s against Bruce. You know, when Bilbao was in the model stage, when I was presenting it, I went to Bilbao and there were 300, 400 people with little candles stretched out in three rows, and I had to walk through them to get into the building, and they were protesting me. They published a fatwa in the paper saying ‘Kill the American architect.’ So I’m sort of used to it.” He also suspects his critics will become converts. “Now I go to Bilbao and they kiss me,” he said. “I think the same thing will happen here.”

Selophane.blog gets to the point:

Now Frank Gehry has envisioned himself as the new Pope, when working ex-catia he is a man that can do no wrong.

Dearest Frank:

We don't know whatever gave you the impression that we don't appreciate all that you are trying to do for us. Please know that we all LOVE you and that we're truly sorry and saddened that you feel this way. We understand that creating a "neighborhood practically from scratch" is hard work and you have to be a supergenius, like yourself, to do it. Everyone knows that your Atlantic Yards design has captured the "body language of Brooklyn," so please don't give up on us now.


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