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March 7, 2008

Yes, Atlantic Yards is the source of the "bloggiest" claim

Atlantic Yards Report

On the Brian Lehrer Live show, Steven Berlin Johnson, co-founder of Outside.in, notes that Atlantic Yards is the reason he proclaimed Clinton Hill as the "bloggiest" neighborhood.

At about 24:00, Johnson explained, "We did a survey of America's bloggiest neighborhoods... We ran the numbers, most posts per neighborhood in all these cities. When it came back, the top five neighborhoods were all in Brooklyn. We decided Brooklyn could have only one neighborhood. So I think it was Clinton Hill, because however we defined Atlantic Yards, it was in there."

As I wrote last April, if the source of Clinton Hill's stature was Atlantic Yards, the bloggiest neighborhood should be Prospect Heights, home to almost all of the project footprint.


NoLandGrab: If ever there was a topic in Brooklyn that deserves coverage in the blogs, it's Atlantic Yards. After all, coverage of this boondoggle has been sorely lacking in the mainstream media. If only Outside.in would notice that the neighborhood being most directly threatened is Prospect Heights and not Clinton Hill.

Posted by steve at March 7, 2008 8:16 AM