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March 1, 2008

Why a photog with a blog may be an essential watchdog

Atlantic Yards Report

Photographer Tracy Collins's recent run-in with some Atlantic Yards factotum, irate that he had [corrected] been taking pictures through an open fence door to photograph the (public) Carlton Avenue Bridge, serves as a reminder that there's no good structure to oversee projects that would be sustained over decades.

(Collins suggests that there are no visible signs of demolition, despite the professed rush; perhaps the city or the developer can explain what exactly has been accomplished so far.)

Projects that represent city-making demand “different mechanisms… to insure that a part of a city is designed and built well,” observed the Regional Plan Association's Rob Lane last May.

BrooklynSpeaks (remember them? they've been quiet) has suggested a new governance structure, but, as of now, all that's coming is a new Community Advisory Committee. Meanwhile, neighbors like Collins are keeping watch. Could he keep it up for decades?


Posted by amy at March 1, 2008 4:37 PM