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March 24, 2008

Mayor Marty? The Idea Entices From a Booth at Junior’s

The NY Sun
By Grace Rauh


Marty Markowitz says he is only in the process of deciding whether to run for mayor, but he is sure sounding a lot like a candidate.

From a horseshoe-shaped booth at Junior’s restaurant in downtown Brooklyn, Mr. Markowitz, the silver-haired career politician who as president of Brooklyn is known as the borough’s most enthusiastic cheerleader, offered up policy positions and a potential campaign motto (“Keep it safe, keep it clean, keep it working”) — clues to what the city might look like under Mayor Marty.
“Competence, pragmatism as opposed to ideology. Doing what’s right for New York without kowtowing to special interests and competency above all,” he said.
A run for mayor, however, could galvanize New Yorkers opposed to the Atlantic Yards development in downtown Brooklyn that Mr. Markowitz has trumpeted. A spokesman for Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, Daniel Goldstein, said his organization “would look forward to a Markowitz mayoral run as it would make certain the failing Atlantic Yards project and the other egregious overdevelopment he has overseen in Brooklyn would be major issues in the race, as they should be.”

Mr. Markowitz has said the project will bring affordable housing, in addition to a new city center and a professional basketball arena, to downtown Brooklyn. He appears to get as excited as a boy on a first trip to an amusement park when envisioning attending the first Brooklyn Nets game in the new stadium.


NoLandGrab: It's an "arena," not a "stadium," but either way, a Marty Markowitz candidacy would give Atlantic Yards critics a citywide platform on which to present their concerns about the controversial project.

Posted by lumi at March 24, 2008 4:47 AM