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March 17, 2008

ESDC Downstate Chairman Pat Foye resigns

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder sorts through the breaking news from Albany and its mexed missages:

OK, on Friday, Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) Chairman Pat Foye, an appointee (and friend) of soon-to-depart Governor Eliot Spitzer, was staying in his job, according to the New York Observer. Now, according to the Daily News, Foye is resigning.
Paterson told the Daily News he'll continue support for Atlantic Yards. That suggests that work from the ESDC--contractual wrangling, legal strategy, site supervision-- can continue without a chairman and, given delays in the project and emerging doubts from Crain's New York Business, leadership from the top may not be crucial at this point.


NoLandGrab: Foye's departure suggests that shepherding billions of taxpayer dollars for misguided megaprojects wasn't that much fun after all.

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