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March 2, 2008

At MetroTech, no photography; what about AY?


Atlantic Yards Report

Given the hassles that videographer Katherin McInnis and photographer Tracy Collins recently experienced at the Atlantic Yards footprint, the experience I had at Forest City Ratner's MetroTech Center two weeks back was small beans, but still worth noting.

While I was walking around the Commons, shooting a few photos, a couple of security guards told me (nicely) that photography was not permitted. I had already taken the photos I wanted, and they didn't ask for the camera.

Only later did I see and photograph the rules. (Click to enlarge.) While photography isn't explicitly banned, it apparently qualifies as "unauthorized activity."

That raises a question. Should Atlantic Yards open space be built--the eight acres would appear in the increasingly distant second phase of the project--would photography be permitted?

NoLandGrab photographers were also harassed at Metrotech back when this fight began and we wanted to illustrate the stark difference between public parks and "open space." Maybe we should have just photographed the security guardpost...

Posted by amy at March 2, 2008 10:28 AM