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March 22, 2008

A (somewhat speculative) FAQ on the Atlantic Yards news


Atlantic Yards Report creates an encyclopedia of questions and answers surrounding the stalling of Atlantic Yards. Here's a sampling:

Did this article deserve front-page, lead-story (in local editions) treatment?

Yes, and it also reminds us that the 9/5/06 lead article (headline at right) predicting a six to eight percent cut in the size of the project was way overplayed.

Was "the promise" affordable housing, now "on the back burner, while the arena has been moved to the front burner," as Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn's Daniel Goldstein told the New York Times?

Well, the arena was always the developer's priority, given the urgency of moving the money-losing Nets from New Jersey, and the towers around the arena couldn't be built without the arena first.

But the political support for the project derived significantly from the affordable housing, and the larger the gap between arena and housing, the more supporters should take a second look.
Does the New York Post like giving credit to other publications?

No. Today's story cites only a "published report" rather than acknowledge a front-page story in the Times. Then again, the Daily News didn't even cover the story today.
Should BrooklynSpeaks be pursuing a proposal for a new governance entity?

Well, if Atlantic Yards goes forward, there's certainly an argument for a governance entity. But BrooklynSpeaks, as well as local elected officials, might be more productive in the short term just getting some clear answers about the project. And they might start focusing on some interim uses for the inevitable vacant lots.


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