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February 17, 2008

Will the Times correct the "same site" error? Not quite

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman oder continues his Presidents' Day weekend special on "Atlantic Yards corrections fatigue."

The New York Times on multiple occasions has suggested that Atlantic Yards would be built on the "same site" Walter O'Malley wanted for a new Brooklyn Dodgers stadium.

That's not true, as I pointed out in an extensive analysis last May. And, while the Times last December made the same error online, apparently because of a reliance on the existing and erroneous clip file, it will not publish a correction for the previous articles.

Why? It's a judgment call, Times editors told me, given that they can't publish corrections for all the "old articles" that deserve them. However, as I argue below, if there is a hierarchy for such corrections, "old articles" that are part of current controversies should be the priority. Indeed, the error gets repeated periodically by project supporters like Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Moreover, the Times does periodically correct older articles than the ones I cited, including articles that have no relevance to any controversy.

Conclusion: it's another case of "Atlantic Yards corrections fatigue," which I defined as "the disturbing realization that we too often make errors in covering Atlantic Yards."


NoLandGrab: We take it that by "we," Oder means "The New York Times."

Posted by eric at February 17, 2008 7:11 PM