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February 7, 2008

Subway ridership highest since 1951

NY Daily News
by Pete Donohue

Just like its questionable estimates of on-street parking availability, the Atlantic Yards Environmental Impact Statement appears to have grossly underestimated future growth in subway ridership. The EIS cited a "background growth rate" in ridership of just 0.5% annually.

Subway ridership continued its upward march last year, hitting its highest mark since 1951, transit officials said Wednesday.

More than 1.5 billion people rode the rails in 2007, up 4.2%, NYC Transit President Howard Roberts said in a statement.

But the surge also highlights the need for additional money to expand the mass transit system to meet the growing demand in the coming decades and to alleviate existing overcrowding during peak hours, the NYC Transit chief added.


NoLandGrab: It appears that the real world just ate up eight years' worth of "projected" growth in subway ridership. Is there anything in the Transportation and Parking sections of the Atlantic Yards EIS that doesn't significantly bend the truth?

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