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February 13, 2008

FCR $58,420 Contribution to Democrats Indicates Need for Campaign Finance Rules Change

The Atlantic Yards Campaign Finance Exception?

Larry Norden of the Brennan Center for Justice picks up on the story first revealed on Atlantic Yards Report concerning Forest City Ratner's large contribution to the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee. If you weren't familiar with New York campaign contribution rules, you might be surprised that a corporation can legally give such a large gift.

We're sure this very large check has nothing to do with the ongoing legal and political battles surrounding Atlantic Yards. And we're sure that this large check will not influence any politicians should they need to consider controversies around Atlantic Yards in the coming months and years. All the same, wouldn't it be nice if we had real limits on corporate campaign contributions, so that we could avoid even the appearance of buying influence?

Brennan Center: FCR donation points to need for campaign finance reform
Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder notes how The Brennan Center for Justice is looking at FCR's contribution, and adds recommendations for reform made by the Brennan Center last month:

The Brennan Center, in a report issued last month, cites the Housekeeping accounts among the issues waiting for reform:
* Reducing contribution limits in all categories;
* Closing the corporate subsidiary loophole and the housekeeping account loophole;
* Ending personal use of campaign funds by candidates;
* Introducing thoughtful restrictions on contributions by state contractors and lobbyists;
* Enhancing enforcement by increasing fines and penalties and properly funding the Board of
Elections; and
* Providing meaningful public financing to executive and legislative candidates.

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