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February 28, 2008

Atlantic Yards Report short post festival

Democracy Now? Ratner Plays Hardball When It Counts

I threaded together some reporting and commentary I've done for the blog into a piece for this week's Brooklyn Downtown Star, headlined Democracy Now? Ratner Plays Hardball When It Counts.

It covers the Atlantic Yards gag order, Michael Ratner's political contributions, Forest City Ratner's contribution to the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee's Housekeeping account, and the New York Times's editorial standoffishness.

Would the AY arena get a billion-dollar subsidy?

Though he can't confirm the info, Norman Oder thinks a comment on Atlantic Yards Report, posted by a lawyer/planner, deserves a close look.

FCR official: no such thing as too much sharing of information
In defense of Forest City Ratner's lobbying activities, spokesperson Loren Riegelhaupt explained, “When it comes to sharing information with the public and governmental bodies, there’s no such thing as too much, as far as we are concerned."

If that's the case, Norman the Mad Überkiller Oder would like to know:

OK, then, how big would Miss Brooklyn be? And why no comment on the slush fund story?

NoLandGrab: Maybe Riegelhaupt was being facetious?

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