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January 18, 2008

There goes the judge: Quits Yards case citing Ratner’s promo flier

The Brooklyn Paper
By Dana Rubinstein

The Brooklyn Paper provides coverage of Judge Edward Korman's recusal from the panel reviewing the appeal of the Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain case:

A Brooklyn federal judge recused himself from a panel that will determine the fate of the most significant legal challenge to the Atlantic Yards development, citing his early support for the 16-skyscraper-and-arena project — and now the plaintiffs want to re-argue the case in front of the replacement judge.


Korman admitted that during the “early days” of the project, he checked a box on a promotional flier indicating his support for the 16-skyscraper-and-arena development. At the October hearing, Korman said he didn’t give “any thought to the legal issues” when he filled out the flier’s postcard expressing support, but offered to recuse himself if either side wished. Neither side objected.


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