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January 29, 2008

Ratner Showing Fear, At Last?

New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer
by Chris Smith

New York Magazine political reporter Chris Smith offers his two cents (sorry, that's all he was able to finance) on Bruce Ratner's appeal for a speedy appeal:

Here's the argument Bruce Ratner's lawyers won't be making in court: "Please hurry up and make a decision on the lawsuits challenging Atlantic Yards, judges, because the delay is cutting into our profits." But while the sentiment goes unvoiced, that's what Ratner's current posturing is really all about.

Smith argues that any sympathy for the Brucester would be misplaced:

The developer and his lawyers want people to believe that the pesky protesters are costing Brooklyn a civic boon. But Bruce Ratner decided a long time ago that fighting it out in court was cheaper than submitting Atlantic Yards to a transparent public-approval process.


NoLandGrab: We imagine the talk at One MetroTech is going something like this: "Curses! If only those pesky Appellate Court judges were elected rather than appointed, we could have added them to the gift list."

Posted by eric at January 29, 2008 2:35 PM