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January 1, 2008

Mobil Station Demolition

MobileStationDemo.jpg Photo by Tracy Collins, from the Atlantic Yards Photo Pool.

Last week, Norman Oder reported on his blog:

The "blighted" Mobil gas station at the northwest corner of Flatbush Avenue and Dean Street has closed, and the building, presumably, will be dismantled. I've been told that franchise owner John Tsao was to reopen on Myrtle Avenue.

Two years ago, The Brooklyn Paper explained owner John Tsao's concerns to its readers:

The owner of a Flatbush Avenue Mobil station within the footprint of Bruce Ratner’s proposed Atlantic Yards project says the developer is having second thoughts about a generous offer made this fall to buy out Tsao for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The deal was put on the table after Ratner bought the land on which Tsao’s eight gas pumps and mini-mart stand. Tsao subleased the land from ExxonMobil.

After the sale, Ratner vice-president Andy Zlotnick stopped by unannounced and offered the buyout, even though Tsao does not have any rights over the land.

At the time, Tsao, a popular figure who calls his customers by their first name, had no desire to leave the neighborhood. He also was uncertain whether Ratner would ever build his sports, residential and commercial Xanadu anyway. But he took the vice president’s business card anyway.

Tsao is wishing he had taken the money and run.

Posted by lumi at January 1, 2008 8:20 PM