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January 3, 2008

It came from the Blogosphere...

AChildGrowsInBrooklyn.com, Atlantic Yards will affect your family

A plug for Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn and two fundraising events, because Atlantic Yards will affect your family's quality of life.

Brooklyn Ron, Bococa Really Means: The British are Coming! Man the Gates!
True, "No self-respecting Brooklynite would ever say Bococa," but that isn't stopping the Brits from coming, though maybe Atlantic Yards will.

The Real Estate Observer, Anthology Aids Anti-Atlantic Yards Fight

"Who is to say what will become of the place, or whether Brooklyn will retain its soul?" asks Phillip Lopate in an excerpt from the... introduction [of ["Brooklyn Will Be Mine"]. "Whatever happens to Brooklyn its literary soul is sound and robust, and its writers fiercely loyal."

...And only slightly polemical, but what else would you expect from a band of writers and staunch Brooklynites?

The Daily Intelligencer, The Bike Shelters Are Closing In

Prospect Heights: Brooklyn lit types like Jonathan Lethem, Jennifer Egan, and Katie Roiphe have contributed essays to a book meant to raise money for the anti‚ÄďAtlantic Yards group Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, which counts Lethem and Egan on its board. [NYS via No Land Grab]

The Gowanus Lounge, Bklink: Atlantic Yards Litigation Guide

Wonder what's up with those Atlantic Yards lawsuits or, simply, wonder what they are? Then, read this handy guide to the suits and to what might or not be happening soon to determine the future of the proposed mega-development.--Atlantic Yards Report

Pardon Me For Asking, Lots Of Rats At Brooklyn Borough Hall

Did you know that Marty Markowitz, our very energetic Brooklyn Borough President is surrounded by rats? No, silly, I don't mean developer Bruce Ratner, though I am sure he has paid many a visit to our B.P.

I mean the real kind.
It has been suggested that the continuous construction in our fair Brooklyn has displaced entire rat populations, so they have simply become more visible as they look for new digs.

Castle Watch, A Columbia Round-Up
An update on the Columbia fight from the Institute for Justice's new daily blog.

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