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January 25, 2008

How Jacobs would view Yards

The Brooklyn Paper
By Michael Desmond Delahaye White

I went through the principles set forth in Jacobs’s book to create an Atlantic Yards report card (right). This report card covers all of Jacobs’s standards, such as the need for short blocks, a close mingling of buildings that vary in age and condition and even some of her more-obvious guidance: Don’t expect Jacobian endorsement of the mega-development’s 15-story illuminated electronic billboard.

Across-the-board, the mega-development earns almost entirely failing grades.

Jacobs pointed out that “big plans” lead to “big mistakes.” Her thinking also points out that when enormous subsidies are misdirected with disrespect for the city’s vital fabric, those mistakes are bigger and government is much more culpable for the harm.

The “F” grade that Jane Jacobs would have given this project speaks for itself.


Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report adds:

Would Jane Jacobs approve of Atlantic Yards? I've written before about how the planners behind the project Yards certainly were not unmindful of the Jacobsian qualities for a healthy city, but the project really wouldn't qualify.

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