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January 18, 2008

Flashbacks from the quiz: Gargano, Stuckey, Marty

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder displays impeccable sportsmanship after being edged out by team "No Land Crabs" at last night's Quiz Don't Destroy event at Rocky Sullivan's.

Oh, though I was favored to win, I came in second by a point to a strong five-person team associated with NoLandGrab: Lumi Rolley, Eric McClure, Amy Greer, Steve Soblick, and Geoff Zink. (Credit the hive mind and the free drinks served at the event I attended before the quiz.) The Brooklyn Paper team came in tied for third.

Click here to read about the challenging and entertaining audio round.

NoLandGrab: We are a bit ashamed to say that we put together a five-person team of the greatest minds at NoLandGrab for the sole purpose of stopping Norman Oder from routing the competition. We were prepared to buy him a couple rounds of drinks to soften the gray cells, but were relieved when someone had already taken care of that.

Note: For those of you who were unable to attend, El Quizmeister Extraordinaire Scott Turner has agreed to release the questions and answers to the quiz. Each day next week, we'll run one round of the quiz on NoLandGrab, with the answers the next day, so that readers who weren't able to attend can test their knowledge of easy-and-esoteric facts about Atlantic Yards.

Also, hats off to Tal Barzilai for winning bragging rights as the contestant who travelled the farthest to get to the quiz; The Brooklyn Paper team, lead by award-winning editor Gersh Kuntzman, for leading the pack through most of the quiz; the "Not Daniel" team, who do most of the day-to-day heavy lifting and came from behind to tie Brooklyn Papers for third place; the CBN team for sharing many of their answers (you know who you are); reporter Stephen Witt for adding Olympic-celebrity class to the affair; and all the other teams who came out on a damp and cold evening for a warm and fun event.

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