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December 24, 2007

Vanderbilt Ave

From the Plaza to the Yards

Park Slope Reader

Nathaniel Altman includes "the massive (and soon-to-be-built) Atlantic Yards project" in his profile of Prospect Heights for the local culture magazine:


As in other nearby neighborhoods, residents and business owners on Vanderbilt Avenue are concerned at how the massive Atlantic Yards development—with high-rise apartments, stores and a stadium—will affect the area.

Local supporters of Atlantic Yards believe that the project will bring new life to a bleak and unused area. Nick Haven, owner of the Old Brooklyn Parlor and Clinton Hill Design Build (www.clintonhilldesignbuild.com), said: “The abandoned warehouses and empty railroad yards have left that end of Vanderbilt Avenue unanchored as opposed to the other end that has Prospect Park. Now both ends will be vibrant.”

A number of community groups oppose the project because it will change the character of the neighborhood by introducing out-of-scale architecture to the “foot” of Vanderbilt Avenue. It would also bring about increased traffic to an already congested street.


NoLandGrab: The author and the architect builder he quoted neglected their own neighbors when they failed to mention the part of the neighborhood NEXT TO the railyards, which is also being taken for the project and whose fate will be determined by the court's ruling on the appeal of the federal eminent domain case. No biggie, it's just people that live there.

Posted by lumi at December 24, 2007 4:43 AM