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December 9, 2007

Project Sunlight, Forest City Ratner's lobbying, and the Times's partial eclipse


Atlantic Yards Report

Welcome to Project Sunlight, a database unveiled Wednesday by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, an effort to bring transparency to the intersection of politics and money.

A Times CityRoom post Wednesday on Project Sunlight, to its credit, included a look at Brooklyn's biggest developer:
Speaking of Forest City — developer of the much-debated Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn, and the third-biggest spender on lobbying services in Albany last year — let’s see how much the company has been spending this year. Put “Forest City Ratner” in the search, then click the “Client Financial” link after you get results. Turns out Forest City paid $496,253 for lobbying though the middle of last summer, about one-quarter what it plunked down in 2006, when the Atlantic Yards project was up for state approval. [Click over to Atlantic Yards Report for full screen shots]
The Times hasn't run a print news article about the information in the new database, thus eclipsing some of the sunlight.


Posted by amy at December 9, 2007 9:47 AM