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December 17, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

Blogosphere100.gif Gothamist, Jay-Z Raps With Charlie Rose

Jay-Z is very enthusiastic about the potential of the team and the virtues of the borough, as he prefaces every statement about Brooklyn with the words "we" and "ours." It is unintentionally comedic then when Rose immediately follows up with the question "And where do you live now?" The answer is a terse "In Manhattan, uh."

brooklyn junction, From NIMBY to NIOBY to NIABY in Brooklyn

Does the specter of Atlantic Yards have the potential to turn NIMBYism into something new?
At some point, when the collective sentiment of NIMBY gets strong enough in an area against a particular project, perhaps it deserves a different name: how about NIOBY, Not In Our Back Yard.

But what if the specter of one uber-development put a scare into folks across neighborhoods and across personalized interests to engender a collective movement against development of that sort in Anyone's neighborhood, we would need yet a third term, NIABY: Not In Anyone's Back Yard.

The Knickerblogger, Doctroff Disaster....Let the Buck Passing Begin

why all this jockeying? Why does the ESDC (while vigorously defending the project in court) throw up their hands and say that horse has left the barn? Because Politicians are probably keenly aware if built, Atlantic Yards will be a financial, aesthetic and possibly terrorist disaster (the WTC and the notorious Pruitt-Igoe Project all in one!) No one wants to be associated with it - and ground hasn't even broken yet. What does that tell you?

OnNYTurf, Doctoroff Now Says Atlantic Yards Should Have Gone Through ULURP

In light of the Mayor's staunch defense of Mr. Ranter, and Dan's prominent roll in removing Atlantic Yards from the ULURP process its hard not to look on his remarks today with cynicism, that they not just more revisionism meant to remake his image of neighborhood steamroller.

Pardon Me for Asking, "Trash Begets Trash": The Effect Of Ratner Architecture In Brooklyn
Katia Kelly gives a nod to Steven Hart's commentary on Ratner and Gehry's Atlantic Yards plan:

Fellow Blogger Steven , a.k.a. Cervo, at "Views From The Bridge", doesn't post often on his site, but when he does, his every word is an echo of what many of my Brooklyn friends are thinking and feeling. His latest post, which I have added below is a wonderfully written piece on how thoughtless, out-of context architecture damages the feel and the humanity of a place.

I agree with him totally.

Uncle Mike's Musings, Walter O'Malley Does NOT Belong In the Baseball Hall of Fame
Thanks to Bruce Ratner's PR machine and the media outlets that aim to serve, it's possible that there are more people who think that Atlantic Yards is located on the same site that Walter O'Malley wanted to build a new ballpark for the Dodgers, than there are people who know for a fact that Ratner already built a mall on the site coveted by O'Malley.

Here's another one:

It is true that Robert Moses, who controlled several agencies in the governments of the City of New York and the State of New York, prevented O'Malley from building his domed stadium in Downtown Brooklyn, the "Atlantic Yards" site on top of the old Long Island Rail Road Terminal, where Bruce Ratner now wants to build, among other things, an arena he can move the New Jersey Nets into. Moses did that damage and far more. He was scum.

Curbed.com, Wishing You and Yours a Happy 'Landgrabiversary'

December 10, 2003 doesn't carry quite the same instant recognition as, say, December 7, 1941, but for Atlantic Yards opponents who curse all things Bruce Ratner, the tenth of December (today!) is also a date that will live in infamy.

OnNYTurf, Times critic Ouroussoff offers starchitect defense, but what about public review?
We're not proud of the fact that this is actually a reblogging of our reblogging: Atlantic Yards Report, via NoLandGrab, via OnNYTurf.

A New York Times Week in Review lead article headlined Let the ‘Starchitects’ Work All the Angles is summarized as "A big name on the blueprint doesn’t mean sellout at play. It may mean visionary at work."

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