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December 14, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

Curbed.com, Hey, Hudson Yards: The High Line is Watching You
Advocates for the High Line, have "launched the Rail Yards Blog to cover all things Hudson-related and to keep a close eye on the proceedings. It's kind of like another big urban planning blog, Atlantic Yards Report, except not nearly as critical. Until they get fucked, that is."

Norman "oderizes" Curbed.com on Atlantic Yards Report (AYR) by explaining that Rail Yards Blog (RYB) hues more closely to NoLandGrab (NLG) and Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn's (DDDB) web site. Also, the AYR and NLG are fully supported by its own contributors (sad, but true) and DDDB's funding primarily goes to legal fees, while RYB receives foundation support.

The Gowanus Lounge, GL Analysis: What is a Fair Price for History?

The report that was delivered to a public meeting about Officer's Row at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Tuesday night said that the buildings can be saved and put the cost at about $20 million. In a city where the cost of projects now reach into the billions of dollars and public subsidies to corporations and developers run into the hundreds of millions, it is rather hard to keep a straight face when public officials protest that $20 million is simply too much money.
Frankly, $20 million is a tiny sum for a city willing to put out hundreds of millions of dollars to subsidize Atlantic Yards.

The Real Estate Observer, Atlantic Yards Blogs Ask: Will Amanda Burden Eat Crow Next?

Norman Oder's Atlantic Yards Report blog... faults the Times for greeting Forest City Ratner's admission as news when the project's start-date has "been in jeopardy for a long time."

The blog questions whether Amanda Burden, chair of the city Planning Commission and a staunch defender of Atlantic Yards, would follow Mr. Doctoroff's mea culpa with one of her own and admit the project "could have been handled better."

Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, PARK SLOPE 100: 100 STORIES OF PARK SLOPE

ISABEL HILL because you got it all on film and made everyone see how much the future of Brooklyn matters.

The Gowanus Lounge, Bklink: Atlantic Yards Memories

Go back four years in the Atlantic Yards time machine, to a time when Borough President Marty Markowitz said the city had "no money to provide" to the big project and said that neighborhood opponents would "be involved."--Atlantic Yards Report

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