December 19, 2007

B65 new temporary bus stop

Photo and dispatch by Tracy Collins, via the Atlantic Yards Photo Pool.

534 Dean Street near Carlton Avenue
Prospect Heights
Brooklyn, New York

this is the temporary location of the B65 bus stop, directly in front of Newswalk Condos, at 534 Dean Street near Carlton Avenue. it used to be on Dean Street at Flatbush Avenue, but needed to be moved for utility work on Dean Street for Atlantic Yards.

most of the riders getting on the bus in this photo had been waiting at the original location until i told them the bus stop had been moved. most didn't believe me until a bus rolled by without stopping. luckily for them, this next bus was not far behind and they didn't have to wait too long in the cold.

it would have been nice if the MTA, when it pulled down the signs at the original bus stop location, had put up signs informing passengers that the stop had moved. but, it's the MTA. unfortunately, details like keeping its customers informed fall through the cracks all too often.

extra bonus points for those who noticed the mini van that's illegally parked in the bus stop. the NYPD has already been ticketing, so heads up, people.

NoLandGrab: Crazy! Is it possible that the MTA and Ratner thought that notifying the public through the Atlantic Yards Construction Update would suffice to keep B65 riders informed?

Posted by lumi at December 19, 2007 3:00 AM