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December 24, 2007

Agreed: We Need to "Stop Force-feeding Huge Ideas"

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn responds to Errol Louis's Sunday column, in which the Atlantic Yards supporter makes the case against the lack of "explanation" on "wildly expensive solutions to thorny matters" like the "physical development of our city." [Finally, something on which we all can agree!]"

Newspaper editorialists and columnists can only expect their readers to take them seriously when there is consistency in and a principled foundation to their opinions. Without those necessities their opinions really do not mean much. We raise this because today NY Daily News columnist and editorial board member Errol Louis writes a column with which we have no argument. We applaud it.
The shame is that Louis, an unconditional Atlantic Yards supporter, has failed in this column and in his years of writing about Atlantic Yards to critique the big idea known as Atlantic Yards, and its democratic failings; though he has managed to criticize those many who have opposed Atlantic Yards starting from the rotten core of the process.


Posted by lumi at December 24, 2007 4:26 AM