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November 13, 2007

State secret? ESDC stonewalls on arena setbacks, but graphics hint building's near street

Atlantic Yards Report

Bruce Ratner and the Empire State Development Corporation would tell you how far the arena would be set back from Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues, but to do so might undermine the war against terror?

It's a basic architectural detail that would inevitably become public, but the state agency supervising the Atlantic Yards project won't disclose how far the planned arena would be set back from the street, saying security concerns mandate confidentiality.

Meanwhile, though state documents are vague about the setbacks, graphics, though not necessarily to scale, in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) suggest some parallels to the situation that recently caused alarm in Newark, even though the arena there's a standalone box, while the Brooklyn arena would be enveloped in four towers.

Read about how last-minute revelations about the Newark arena opened up a can of worms here in Brooklyn and how the NY Times's claim that the arena would be sited "75 feet back from Atlantic Avenue and about 150 feet from Flatbush Avenue" doesn't appear to be based on any documents available to the public — or reality.


NoLandGrab: Seriously, if the ESDC claims that a security study isn't warranted because a terrorist attack isn't a "reasonable worst-case scenario," then why has one security expert testified on FCRC's behalf that "safety of the arena and surrounding area could be easily compromised" if security measures were disclosed?

The implication is, if they told us how bad things really are, then a worst-case scenario might be within reason.

You may have noticed that this rendering (click image to enlarge), added to the Final Environmental Impact Statement, isn't very promising in regards to current security concerns.

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