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November 9, 2007

Regarding Coney Island, Bloomberg pledges public input

Atlantic Yards Report

ConeyRezoneNight.jpgThe Coney Island rezoning, unveiled by City Hall to great fanfare yesterday, differs from Atlantic Yards in several respects. Three hot-button issues are rezoning-vs-zoning-override, community input and eminent domain:

It sure helps when it's a rezoning, though, rather than a state override of zoning, as with Atlantic Yards. (The New York Times once couldn't tell the difference.)

Remember what Municipal Art Society President Kent Barwick said at the town-gown panel on Tuesday, that the Bloomberg administration “came late to the notion that it has a responsibility to protect communities.”

More than one correspondent pointed me to a passage in the coverage from Crain's New York Business:

But Mr. Bloomberg will have to get approval from the state legislature, and acquire the land from Mr. Sitt through a cash or land swap deal.
Is eminent domain in this case not on the table?


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