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November 24, 2007

Ok, now the setbacks story makes the print Times, but

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder notes that today's print edition of The New York Times carries a new version of its story about security issues surrounding the planned Nets arena, adapted from its Wednesday "City Room" blog post.

From today´s New York Times, in an article headlined A Brooklyn Arena and the Street: What’s the Right Distance?, the news comes in paragraph five (which is better than the original blog post, where the point wasn´t quite made): "For weeks, the project’s developer, Forest City Ratner, and its state sponsor, the Empire State Development Corporation, had deflected questions from bloggers about the arena’s location, saying that they could not divulge information related to security."

AYR points out that bloggers haven't been alone in seeking answers about the actual planned siting of the arena, and seeks a little credit for having pointed out the discrepancy between earlier Times coverage that estimated the setback for the arena at "...about 75 feet back from Atlantic Avenue and about 150 feet from Flatbush Avenue," and the actual setback — a scant 20 feet.

And, finally, Oder describes how The Times has corrected yet another error in its original November 8th article, and now correctly writes that the arena isn't scheduled to open until after 2009.


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