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November 8, 2007

Officials demand independent arena security study; NYPD says no street closings

Atlantic Yards Report

AYR wonders where The Times got its measurements, and how accurate they might be:

Still somewhat unclear, however, remain comparisons between the Atlantic Yards arena and the Prudential Center. The Times attempted an assessment, under the headline Security Study Urged for Atlantic Yards:

Plans for the Brooklyn arena, though preliminary, seem to show it set back farther from the street than the Newark arena, the Prudential Center. The Prudential Center is about 25 feet from both Edison Place and Mulberry Street in downtown Newark, while renderings of Atlantic Yards show the arena about 75 feet back from Atlantic Avenue and about 150 feet from Flatbush Avenue.

No source of that data was provided, and it's not clear whether "seem" is based on direct information from an official source or an eyeball of renderings.

And for good measure, Norman Oder reminds the "Newspaper of Record" that even Bruce Ratner isn't sticking to the 2009-opening story anymore:

The Times reported that the arena "is scheduled to open in 2009." They didn't get the memo that explained it's impossible.


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