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November 1, 2007

DoBro promo vid

DBPromoVid.jpgFourteen high-rise towers and the 19,000-seat arena are missing from the rendering of Atlantic Yards in the new Downtown Brooklyn promotional video, narrated by actor Ian McKellan (sick, but it's true).

The NY Post has the exclusive on the promo vid and posted it along with an article by Rich Calder on the paper's web site.

The video opens with Atlantic Yards, which comprises nearly half of the "$9.5 billion in projects now in the works" in Downtown Brooklyn, only, the project is in PROSPECT HEIGHTS, NOT DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN (sigh, whatever).

Ironically, the video shows very little of Bruce Ratner's controversial Atlantic Yards project, probably in hopes of not freaking out the natives, who have been a little touchy during the past four years.

Here's a peek at what the video is missing.

Posted by lumi at November 1, 2007 6:53 AM