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November 26, 2007

A short history of Atlantic Yards "rowback" in the New York Times

Atlantic Yards Report

AYR gets back to its roots — pointing out flaws in coverage by The New York Times — with this item about The Times' surreptitious acknowledgment on Saturday that the New Jersey Nets won't be tipping off in Brooklyn in 2009:

On Saturday, when the New York Times reported that the Atlantic Yards arena "is scheduled to open after 2009," (emphases added), the Times didn't say it was correcting a previous report that the arena would open in 2009.

That was a variant of "rowback," which former Times Public Editor Daniel Okrent described in his 3/14/04 column as "a way that a newspaper can cover its butt without admitting it was ever exposed." In other words, a correction without formally acknowledging a correction--even though the Times publishes the most minute factual corrections daily.

The Times has done this periodically, publishing updated correct information but without (in most cases) publishing corrections.


Posted by lumi at November 26, 2007 10:39 AM