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October 28, 2007

Richard Ford: I love NBA hoops, hate going to NBA games

Atlantic Yards Report

In today's New York Times Sports Magazine, Play, novelist Richard Ford has an essay titled The Noise Is Killing Me, subtitled "Sports-as-game has become sports-as-babble, and I refuse to play."

He writes:
I don’t want to be sappy about all this and wish for a time that’ll never come back and that maybe never existed, anyway. But the truth is I love N.B.A. basketball, but I hate going to an N.B.A. game — because of all the dancing girls and the acrobats and the P.A. guy’s tumescent, Michael Buffer-ish voice wounding my ears while some citizen in a pink mascot suit does flying dunks off a trampoline every time the timeout whistle blows. (Don’t we all hate mascots?)

Last year, I described some of the nonstop babble and tumult at a Nets game--which is probably pretty typical for the league.


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