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October 30, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

Blogosphere92.jpgPardon me for asking, A Must Read: Atlantic Yards And Bill De Blasio

The question we've been encountering on the street is, what do you think about de Blasio? Since the City Councilmember and candidate for Borough President has kept a pretty low profile during his two terms, people seem to want more info.

Norman Oder, author of the Atlantic Yards Report posted a very well written analysis of Bill De Blasio and his stand on Ratner's mega-project, affordable housing and over-development. A must read, especially since De Blasio just declared his candidacy for Borough President.

Daily Politics, Odds and Ends

The Lambda Independent Democrats voted unanimous in favor of a resolution opposing Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project despite the fact that he is in talks to create a LGBT comunity center in Brooklyn.

NoLandGrab: "Despite?" We think Daily Politics meant "because" Ratner is trying to toss them a bone, unless they mean to imply that Brooklyn's LGBT community is ungrateful.

Daily Gotham, Lambda Independent Democrats: Just say "No" to Ratner and Noach Dear

At its meeting held October 22, 2007, Lambda Independent Democrats, Brooklyn's LGBT Political voice adopted a resolution opposing the Atlantic Yards Project of the Forest City Ratner Development Company.

The club also contined to express it's disappointment in the Brooklyn Democratic party's support for Noach Dear.
And for those who want to know about what Lambda has to say about Noach Dear, they were so incensed at the acceptance by Brooklyn's "Democratic" machine of this homophobic, unqualified hack as a judge that they issued a clear, public warning to all Democrats who endorsed him that Lambda will hold them accountable for their endorsement.

NoLandGrab: The one politician who holds the short end of the stick on both issues is Borough President Marty Markowitz, which does not bode well for his plan to run for Mayor.

Ohio Daily Blog, Congressman LaTourette Gets Blogger Fired From "Wide Open"
The Cleveland Plain Dealer bows to pressure from a Congressional Representative and fires one of the paper's team of political bloggers. This blogger had, "written extensively about LaTourette's 2006 re-election contest and... explicitly supported his challenger, law professor Lew Katz (D-Pepper Pike)." He "also wrote about... the suspicious connection between large amounts of campaign cash LaTourette received from the Ratner family of Cleveland, of the Forest City real estate empire, and their receiving an enormous contract to develop 44 acres of the Southeast Federal Center in Washington DC."

Save The Earth - All About Environment, Green Construction
Those who live and work near construction sites get the double whammy — noise and air pollution — and only their windows can save them:

Stein, who works on safety issues for his union, says his office at 90 Church Street is "surrounded by" pollution from construction. It is a problem that goes far beyond lower Manhattan.

From the proposed Atlantic Yards project in downtown Brooklyn to the water filtration plant in the northern Bronx, critics almost always complain not just about the project itself, but about the inconvenience, pollution, noise and dangerous accidents they will face during its construction.

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