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October 31, 2007

B63 is Brooklyn's Pokiest!

B63Pokey.jpgFrom "City Room," via NYTimes.com (emphasis added):

In addition to ranking the M23 the slowest bus route in the city, the annual survey identified these routes as the slowest by borough: the B63 in Brooklyn (4.9 m.p.h.), the Bx19 in the Bronx (5.0 m.p.h.), the Q56 in Queens (6.1 m.p.h.) and the S61 on Staten Island (11.7 m.p.h.)

The B63 was promoted to the borough's #1 slowest bus, up one spot in the standings from 2006, when the route was ranked second slowest bus in Brooklyn.

Folks will recall that the B63 was the bus that Atlantic Yards developer Forest City Ratner had directed the NYC MTA to reroute, until Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report figured out that Ratner was the one calling all the shots (see, "Never mind, says NYCT: B63 reroute, Fifth Avenue closing won't happen as announced").

Ratner's transportation geniuses have suggested in the Atlantic Yards Environmental Impact Statement that the solution to slower buses passing by Atlantic Yards would be to add MORE buses.

Posted by lumi at October 31, 2007 6:53 AM