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October 1, 2007

At Antic Yards

BI2B-AYR.jpgAtlantic Yards Report, At the Atlantic Antic, the AY/Nets juggernaut and some pesky locals

The main ring featured "Nets: Bring it to Brooklyn." The booth promoting Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Terminal and Atlantic Center malls was curiously off-message (or maybe not):

Unlike in previous years, there were no mall-branded pencils or coffee mugs to be had, just Nets keychains, Marriott Hotel maps, and the latest Atlantic Yards flier.

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn and the Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods were getting out their respective messages too.

There wasn't any swag--t-shirts were for sale--but there was an opportunity for some dialogue, to sign petitions, to learn more about the alternative UNITY plan (below) for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Vanderbilt Yard, should Forest City Ratner's plan fail or be built only partially.

Atlantic Yards Report, Another Atlantic Yards flier, another avoidance of scale

Norman Oder grabbed the latest installments of "Atlantic Yards, the Flier."


It is, by my count, at least the sixth slick flier developer Forest City Ratner has distributed to Brooklynites since the Atlantic Yards plan was announced, and it provides a good snapshot of the current project narrative. ...
Two versions were distributed yesterday at the Atlantic Antic; both had the same cover, touting five benefits; on the back, one featured Nets star Vince Carter, while the other had a smiling face-painted black pre-teen in a Nets t-shirt.
Beyond "Jobs, Housing, and Hoops," the message now stresses environmental sustainability and neighborhood revitalization, both somewhat contentious issues. And, like its predecessors, the brochure still fails to show the scale of the project in any context.

FCR-at-BHD-PM4A.jpgPardon Me for Asking, Free Junk From Forest City Ratner

Katia Kelly puts the free Ratner junk back but takes a few photos of Forest City Ratner's "Bring it to Brooklyn" booth and notices something ironic.

The Slope Via the Lake, Morning Antics

A Chicago transplant noticed the Ratner troopers as well:

The weather was great and the usual street fair suspects were represented, including the omnipresent Atlantic Yards and New Jersey Net booths that are trying to win over the hearts and minds of the community before they turn Brownstone Brooklyn into mini-Midtown Manhattan.

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