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October 25, 2007

Another AY stop-work order issued, resolved, but questions remain

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder attempts to follow up on a stop-work order at the Ward Bakery site (click to enlarge graphic) and notes the lack of an ombudsman.

A stop-work order was issued Tuesday at the Ward Bakery site on Pacific Street, according to the Department of Buildings (DOB) web site.

The order was resolved, but the incident deserves notice: apparently a truck backed into a sidewalk shed, knocking down three support posts for a 60-foot-high pipe scaffold sitting on top of the shed.

I sent an email yesterday to the DOB, but haven't gotten any more details yet on the incident and the resolution. An Atlantic Yards ombudsperson, which the Empire State Development has been trying to hire for five months, might help with things like this.


NoLandGrab: Are you thinking what we're thinking? At this point, Norman Oder is the closest thing to an ombudsman we've encountered around the Atlantic Yards issue. As the "Mad Overkiller" might say, "brutally weird."

Posted by lumi at October 25, 2007 8:37 AM