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September 26, 2007

Ratner's Atlantic Center, Site V gain attention as "worst buildings"

Atlantic Yards Report

Since its opening nearly a decade ago, Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Center Mall has been at the top of local residents' lists of the best-of-the-worst buildings in NYC. Now, the Mall gets a couple minutes of fame on WNYC.

Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Center Mall didn’t improve much when it received its face lift after the opening of the same developer’s Atlantic Terminal Mall. Photos: left, Forest City Ratner Companies; middle and right “Brooklyn Token” via flickr.

Forest City Ratner's Atlantic Center Mall made WNYC listeners' 11-building list of the city's worst buildings. Guest expert and New York Times columnist Christopher Gray's list, by contrast, was limited to Manhattan--and he said he didn't agree with listener choices of buildings by name architects.

Note that Atlantic Center, and its sibling, the Shops at Site V across Flatbush Avenue, are great work. Indeed, during the episode yesterday, host Leonard Lopate led off by disparaging the bunker-like P.C. Richard store, which shares Site V with Modell's.

Lopate noted that some people criticize ambitious-but-failed works by major architects, while "there are other people like me that think that the P.C. Richard's store on Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush has to be the worst thing.... Whoever did the P.C. Richard should have been designing army barracks."

The buildings at Site V, clearly built by Forest City Ratner as short-term structures on urban renewal land, are scheduled to be demolished for the Atlantic Yards project. A 400-foot building was initially planned; now, a 250-foot building would occupy the site, nonetheless looming over the adjacent Brooklyn Bear's Garden and the row houses of adjacent Pacific Street.


Talk about "stiching" — this photo-quilt by "Brooklyn Token" shows both malls together.

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