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September 6, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

Blogosphere86.gif Soxs and Dawgs, New Homes Being Built For Many New York Area Teams
It's stadia-mania in the New York metro area, where nearly every team is getting a new home (and public money to help foot the bill). Here's what they're saying about Bruce Ratner's NJ Nets:

The NBA’s New Jersey Nets are also trying to get a new facility. The team is looking to move to Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn for the start of the 2009 season but while the facility has been approved ground breaking is yet to have taken place due to lawsuits over the construction. The Nets have a lease at the Meadowlands until 2013 but can walk away if the new facility is ready. They also have an open invitation to join the Devils at the Prudential Center.

The Real Deal, Atlantic Yards construction slows

Here's the Real Deal's blurb on this week's NY Observer Atlantic Yards update:

While Forest City Ratner says it will complete the basketball arena at Atlantic Yards in 2009, lawsuits and a construction accident have caused months of delays. Instead of complaining about the project's scale, many neighbors now say they would rather see its completion than abandoned construction lots and warehouses.

NoLandGrab: Seriously, is two neighbors "many?"

We'd like to take a moment to remind you who emptied most of the lots and warehouses.


It's always interesting to learn what other people think about Bruce Ratner's megaproject. This tidbit is from one blogger's tirade against politicians and developers:

One of the reasons why real estate predator Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards Project is so controversial is because a coalition involving Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Herbert Daughtry and ACORN, extracted a relatively large percentage of “affordable housing” and some other amenities involving free use of the Nets basketball arena a few times. (I think Atlantic Yards is ill-conceived from the get-go because, aside from the fact that is has the negative effect of Manhattanizing Brooklyn, its success rests on a basketball arena to be used by the athletically schizophrenic but grossly overpaid Nets, who cannot even fill seats in heavily populated North Jersey when they win. And as surely as the sun rises and sets - even in New York - the Nets will lose often and Ratner is going to complain about diminishing profits, and maybe play some rent games.)

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