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September 2, 2007

In Canada, the value of "heritage" in "historic" properties

Atlantic Yards Report

WardBakery.jpg Today's entry deals with the designation and meaning of "heritage" (our inheritance) versus "historic" (more narrowly of interest to those interested in the past), and the cost of retaining older buildings. Forest City's failure to include the Ward Bakery Building as part of Atlantic Yards is highlighted:

Forest City Enterprises has a track record of converting old industrial buildings like the Ward Bakery, now slated for demolition in the Atlantic Yards plan, into housing. Forest City's Ron Ratner said in 2002, "As a developer, I am sometimes asked if we would ever be willing to sacrifice profitability to achieve excellence in historic preservation. My answer is that's a false choice. Using technical and financial creativity, and working in public-private partnerships, we can have it all, including economic return."

Not so much in the Brooklyn project, where retention of buildings would interfere with the overall project design, including sustainable elements. According to the Final Environmental Impact Statement, the partial mitigation for the loss of the bakery and another building would include “archival documentation of the buildings and additional measures that would document the history of the buildings.”


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