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September 17, 2007

CBN to ESDC: Where the Hell's The AY Ombudsman?

Brownstoner was on the scene of the Council of Brooklyn Neighborhood's press conference calling on the Empire State Development Corporation to deliver on its promise to appoint an ombuddy:


With one near-disaster in the meantime and no signs of a good faith effort on the ESDC's part to work to address the community's safety concerns, CBN is trying to draw some attention to the matter.... As CBN spokesperson Jim Vogel pointed out at this morning's press conference (note to organizers: it's a good idea to show up on time at your own protests), without the ombudsman in place, all the public is left with is a Ratner-sponsored community liaison office which, according to Vogel, is nothing more than an intern with a cell phone. The most telling moment of the morning, however, had to be when one the foreman inquired what the gathering was about. When told it was to get ESDC to cough up the oversight it had promised more than four months ago, the foreman just smirked, as if to say, "Good Luck."

Link to Brownstoner's full posting, followed by requisite snarkentary.

Posted by lumi at September 17, 2007 2:19 PM