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August 30, 2007


The Village Voice

The first letter to the editor this week addresses the other N-word:

Chris Thompson's 'NIMBY Love' [August 22–28] trivializes a serious community effort to develop better alternatives to the Forest City Ratner project for Atlantic Yards, Brooklyn's largest (ever) mega-project. This article belongs in a society-page gossip column, because it focuses mostly on the personal lives of two individuals and misses the powerful role of hundreds of community leaders and activists who took part in the planning sessions that led up to the creation and refinement of the community's UNITY Plan. This plan looks at better ways to build over the rail yards. It is definitely not "NIMBY" (Not In My Backyard), and it addresses the transportation, open-space, and affordable-housing needs of the neighborhood. The plan proposes a truly transparent and public planning process for a site that is largely publicly owned, but is being offered to a single private developer to meet that developer's own business plan. We invite the Voice to take a serious look at the UNITY Plan when it is unveiled in September and to talk to the protagonists of the plan, community leaders, and the full technical team that we head up.

Tom Angotti
Marshall Brown
Ron Shiffman

From Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn's response:

The article, half of which was about a plan to develop our "backyard " in a sane manner through a democratic process, witlessly resorted to knee-jerk name-callling.

Posted by lumi at August 30, 2007 10:16 AM