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August 16, 2007

The ESDC is not "hands-off" nor not "not hands-on"

A clarification from the ESDC press secretary Errol Cockfield in response to yesterday's NY Observer article, which stated ESDC Downstate Chairperson Patrick Foye "has not taken as hands-on an approach with the Brooklyn complex as he has with Javits and Moynihan", and NoLandGrab's lead-in, which quipped that Foye "explains why he's been pretty hands-off:"

ESDC Chairman Pat Foye never told the New York Observer that he was taking a hands-off approach to the Atlantic Yards project. The paper is running a clarification in its next edition.

ESDC has been thoroughly engaged with the community on this project. Our representatives have met with elected officials, community leaders, and even project opponents.

What Foye sought to convey to the Observer is that unlike the government-led projects our agency is shaping right now, Atlantic Yards was approved before this administration and is led by a private developer in partnership with government actors. Despite that distinction, ESDC - under its new leadership - has and is taking steps to closely monitor the project and address community concerns as it gets built.

In a nutshell: It's not our fault, we're just "government actors." Blame it on Pataki and that "private developer." Nevertheless, our job is to make sure that the project is monitored while it's built.

Posted by lumi at August 16, 2007 1:17 PM