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August 8, 2007

The Brooklyn blogs, AY, and the class issue

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder addresses the simplistic question of race and class of Brooklyn bloggers posed by Brain Lehrer on his WNYC morning talk show:


First, there's a lot more to criticize and analyze about AY than to praise. My critical take on Atlantic Yards emerged not from knee-jerk opposition to the project but from an immersion in the details. A pro-Atlantic Yards blog might simply copy the infrequently updated AtlanticYards.com.

Second, if Forest City Ratner wanted more pro-Atlantic Yards blogs, it could pay to create them, as it paid for the Brooklyn Standard and helped support Brooklyn Tomorrow, both "publications" more than newspapers. Given the large sums spent on by the developer on p.r., much of which gets some media coverage, is the playing field really level?

Third, whether or not those of us using the blog format--both seat-of-the-pants bloggers and veteran journalists--come from a specific class background, we're still democratizing the flow of information compared to the constrained media attention to Brooklyn and its controversies.

And I don't see Lehrer and others who repeat the class criticism doing a head count of the reporters in, say, the New York Times's Brooklyn bureau to make sure they accurately represent the borough's diversity.


NoLandGrab: It's rather simplistic to break down the Brooklyn blogging issue along lines of race and class without first comparing these observations to computer ownership and Internet usage data broken down along these same lines. Since blogs are self-published, the barrier to entry might be more of a usage issue.

Posted by lumi at August 8, 2007 7:34 AM