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August 7, 2007

It came from the Blogosphere...

PragmaticIdealists, How Timely
A review of Norman Oder's review of Lance Freeman's book, "There Goes the 'Hood," locates Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project in Downtown Brooklyn:

It is a great review to read because Oder knows the Clinton Hill area that Freeman studies and so it is an interesting take on what Freeman says. I am a little disappointed that Oder didn't bring up Freeman's "political" solution (in addition to the more policy-wonk solutions) of active Alinsky-style organizing, but it still does not detract much from the review.

NoLandGrab: Ratner has been very successful in getting relatively intelligent people to think that Atlantic Yards is in Downtown Brooklyn, rather than Prospect Heights.

mcbrooklyn, Atlantic Yards' Developers Next Frontier: Human Biology

Atlantic Yards developers plan to mitigate [combined sewer overflow] in many ways, such as by installing water storage tanks, waterless urinals, low-flow toilets and showers, etc. But one big problem remains, according to Scienceline (via No Land Grab) and it's a stumper: "They can’t reduce the amount of solid waste produced by residents."

Can dietary restrictions be far behind?

Chowhound, Best Brooklyn neighborhood for a foodie?
In another win for Bruce Ratner's PR machine, one foodie in Clinton Hill has already conflated the Atlantic Center Mall with Atlantic Yards:

Our biggest problem is that we lack a consistent supermarket right here in CH/FG...the Associated on Myrtle close to Pratt can yield some decent choices as far as ingredients, but at times the lack of consistency in their inventory can be maddening. Surprisingly, the smaller Bravo market close to the Whitman Houses can yield some finds, especially in terms of meats, but it is small and limited in terms of selection and hours. And the largest market, Pathmark at Atlantic Yards, is a far walk for what it is, which is a Pathmark.

NoLandGrab: Two years ago, Forest City Ratner had already begun changing the branding of the Atlantic Center Mall by glomming it into the then newly opened Atlantic Terminal Mall.

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